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Bounty Targets (d8)


Yeah, the Don himself. Seems there’s some folks who either wanna topple the Family or take it for themselves. Whoever the contractor is, they’re buried beneath so much ice they’re a goddamned net ghost. Nobody would be crazy enough to kill the Don. Then again, he’d probably pay a pretty penny to whoever can find the guy who placed the hit in the first place.


Good luck with this one. Vagrant blends right in with the street trash, but he’s a vicious assassin. More blade than man, too. Got ‘em comin’ outta just about everywhere. He whacked the wrong gal a while back, daughter of a big timer named Sal Zo-dem. Sal wants Vagrant put down, and he’s been in hiding ever since.

Theodore Corinth

As rich as they come, and Teddy’s got himself real stitched up too. Got every augment and implant creds can buy. Looks more toaster than man, really. Sees himself as some kinda holy avenger. Ripping through the streets at night, painted black, turning every street thug he finds to bloody ribbon and split wire. Doesn’t even try with the secret identity shit, neither. Find and kill him. Folks just want him dead.

Dr. Chip Faralux

A good doctor, Faralux is real, real handy a ripper scapula. But he was a bad gambler, and the bookies did a fine job reducing his like, active brain cell count. Doc needed new ways to pay off his debts, real meat comes at a good price, and his patients are made of it. All he had to do was ensure that they occasionally failed to survive an operation, and suddenly he’s in the black again. He went underground since we found him out. Nobody cares what condition he comes back in.

The Messenger

The Messenger is entirely un-augmented. The kid doesn’t even have freakin tattoos. But he’s an absolute ace on a light bike. At least, nobody’s caught him yet. He deals in secrets, and the Don FKM wants him silenced. Catch him if you can.

Kid 0x29A

A wetware hacking ace since they were practically in diapers. 0x29A had a line of SecOps doing the friggin’ cha cha down the block, right up to the moment they blew their own brains out. Since then, the Kid’s motives have gotten crueler and more… eccentric. But their mastery of the Net hasn’t dulled a bit. Get the Kid back alive.

Fink the Tinkerer

You seen that swarm of nanorats chewin’ off the important looking bits of any bio-augment they can find? That’s Fink’s rats. He built them to scavenge waste dumps, but they kinda got to thinking it was easier to get the gleamy bits off folks who were still warm. Nobody even knows if they’re under Fink’s control anymore, but somebody’s gotta find out. Find him, but don’t kill him until the rat problem is solved.

Stenger Flx

Outfitted head to toe with the most stealthy and violent of bio-augmentation, Stenger supports their cybernetic lifestyle by robbing drug dealers. It’s a violent business, and they’re a violent person–if they’re a person at all. Nobody has seen past their steel, featureless mask. They’re worth double the creds alive, if you can somehow manage it.